It’s time to celebrate your Rotary Club, your members and all the good you do in your community and around the world. There are many ways to join in the celebration, but here are a few activities to get you started:
  • Say it loud, say it proud! Let everyone in your social network know that you are a proud Rotary member in your Twitter and Facebook profile
  • Making a difference. Rotary clubs are known for the high-impact service projects they undertake locally and globally. Share stories about your service projects and how they improve lives on Rotary Showcase,  on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram 
  • Stay Connected. Rotary clubs continue to demonstrate their value by staying connected to members and responding to changing needs in the community.  Find ways to adapt to new challenges  
We are 1422 Rotary members in 53 clubs strong at the start of this year and we know that when people find value in Rotary membership and  see all the good we are doing in the world, they will want to join you for fellowship and service.
Thank you to the hard work of the District Membership Team, your club resource to support you.
District Membership Chair:  Laine Kohama,
New Club Advisor: Laura Steelquist,
Membership Attraction and Engagement: Connie Ichinose, and Wendy Hornack,