Kathy Lum, Rotary Club of Mililani Sunrise, is the President-elect for Rotary year 2023-2024 and was inducted one year ago. Here is a recap of Kathy's first year in Rotary.

Kathy Lum, A First Year in the Rotary Club of Mililani Sunrise

The installation banquet in July 2021 was held at Ruby Tuesdays. As new members, Kathy and Shelley were inducted into Rotary Club of Mililani Sunrise (RCMS) by Assistant District Governor Joshua Laguana. At that moment we both knew we were part of something special.

Kathy is the President Nominee for the Rotary Year 2023 – 2024 and has found herself busy and involved with club activities. More than she had anticipated. Kathy played an integral part in the First Responders and Health Care workers appreciate event by partnering with Aiea Florist. Kathy also was responsible for planning the amazing Peace Pole Blessing and Dedication as RCMS celebrated our 25th Anniversary. Currently, Kathy is busy planning the installation banquet.

Kathy invited Apoorva Mallya, the Senior Program officer with Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation’s Polio

Team, to speak with RCMS. Apoorva focuses on guiding the polio program in key counties, such as Afghanistan, developing innovation to reach the last kids and help eradicate the virus. As Rotary International is dedicated to Polio awareness and vaccinations, we shared our guest speaker with all District 5000 Rotary Clubs. What an honor for RCMS to host an amazing and involved guest speaker.

Kathy shares that every Rotarian she has met is always warm and welcoming. Kathy has enjoyed the train- ing sessions and has been able to apply the lessons her learned to her position as a Vice President and

Wealth Manager for Lee Financial Group Hawaii, Inc.

Kathy knows there is a lot to learn about Rotary so she absorbs as much as she can from our senior club members. Kathy loves how Benson describes what being a Rotarian means: “We’re just a group of local people helping local people who are in need.”

Kathy is quick to volunteer for community service projects and always her smile, positive attitude and “good fun” demeanor. Kathy shares that the gratitude and thankfulness that we get when RCMS is involved is priceless.

“I’ve lived in Mililani for over 30 years,” Kathy says, “and it’s the first time that I truly feel connected to this beautiful community.” She wishes that she had gotten involved sooner, but it’s all about timing. And Mali meeting Paul.

“I am a proud member of RCMS,” Kathy says. And RCMS is proud, and lucky, to have Kathy!