Help for Kupuna Project: As you may know, there are many seniors and those with disabilities that are living alone and/or are unable to get out for groceries.  We have an opportunity to be of service to them by:
1. Call Center Coverage, taking call-in grocery orders.
2. Outbound calls to kupuna to provide the human touch to see if they are ok
3. Delivering Groceries to kupuna
4. Manning Curbside food box pick up 
5. Getting the word out to those who would benefit from this service
If you are interested in volunteering, please go to  There will be training sessions to prepare you.
If you want to refer those in need to this service, they can sign up at :
     The outbound calls and Call Center coverage for grocery orders are done with your phone from the convenience of your home or office.  The grocery orders are pre-paid and done either via a "GRAMMI" app or by calling the Call Center.  You can volunteer to deliver groceries, which  requires a background check to participate.  The grocery delivery service is already being done by Kupuna Kokua and partner, Help Is One The Way. 
Link to the June 14th information session:
     To be launched at the end of June, this program and the app to order groceries is called "GRAMMI",  named after the grandmothers in our lives who were always there to provide us food, no matter the time of day or occasion. Today, GRAMMI works to continue those acts of unconditional love through providing essential grocery delivery for seniors. GRAMMI, believes that food security is more than a choice. GRAMMI says, "We believe that it is a freedom that we should all be able to enjoy equally, whenever we want, and at the smallest expense possible. Sign up for a GRAMMI membership today and we will ensure your home is always stocked with the proper amount of essential groceries."
     Who is GRAMMI, you may ask?  You may remember the request for volunteers for the Hawaii Towards Zero Call Center, where Honolulu Sunset's Dr. James Ham participated in or the COVID-19 survey of D5000 Rotarians that was taken 2 months ago. That survey was on the Hawaii Towards Zero website.  GRAMMI is the same organizers. To view the info session held on June 14, click on this link:   
Project Chair:  Rick Tabor: