Good news for all Hawai'i Rotary club members! Your district grant applications for the 2023-24 Rotary year have been approved, and funds can now be deposited into your club's grant account. However, before proceeding, clubs are requested to provide a copy of their grant account bank statement, reflecting the matching cash available. The statement can be sent to

This funding for your projects comes from the generous donations your clubs made to The Rotary Foundation three years ago. It's a testament to the collective impact of Rotary members in driving positive change in our communities.

As you embark on your projects, we'd like to remind all clubs of some essential guidelines set by Rotary International:

  1. Final Grant Report: It's mandatory to submit your final grant report, along with copies of receipts, within two months of completing your project. The deadline for submission is May 31, 2024.
  2. Payment Voucher Form: Disbursements must comply with the two-authorizations requirement, and clubs are advised to use the designated payment voucher form for this purpose.
  3. Disbursement Process: All disbursements must be made from your club's grant account after receiving the allocated grant funds.
  4. Revised Grant Applications: In case there is a need to change the purpose of the funds, clubs must submit a revised grant application to receive approval from RI.
  5. Unused Funds: If clubs find that they do not require the allocated funds, it's encouraged to return them to District 5000 as soon as possible, but no later than May 1, 2024.

Moreover, Club Presidents, Treasurers, and Foundation Chairs received a letter from Grant Audit Chair PDG Ron Young to inform clubs that if selected for an audit, the past president will receive prior notification from one of the auditors.

In addition, there are exciting Foundation Webinars coming up, designed to enhance clubs' engagement and understanding of the foundation's activities:

  • August 26 (Saturday), 9-10 am: Foundation Basics 101
  • August 26 (Saturday), 10-11 am: Grant Qualifications
  • September 23 (Saturday), 9-10 am: International Service, Global Grants
  • September 23 (Saturday), 10-11:30 am: Foundation Activities Planning, PolioPlus
  • October 7 (Saturday), 10-11 am: Global Grants Project Fair
  • October 24 (Tuesday): World Polio Day (Time To Be Determined)
  • November 18 (Saturday), 10-11 am: Foundation 201-a Deeper Dive

District 5000 extends its heartfelt gratitude to all club members for the incredible work they do to enrich their communities. Your dedication to Rotary's ideals helps foster positive change and leaves a lasting impact on countless lives. The district looks forward to supporting your projects and witnessing the transformational outcomes they will achieve.

Together, let's continue to make a difference!