If you have an interesting speaker for your Zoom meeting and would like to invite others to join you, please let Marti Wukelic know the meeting date/time/Presenter name/topic/Zoom meeting ID. Email her at:  martirotary@yahoo.com. If the speaker is available for other club presentations, please include their contact information.
RC of Upcountry Maui upcoming speakers. 😊  Our Zoom Meeting link is https://us04web.zoom.us/j/347500130 Friday 8-9am, same link each week.  😊
Pacific Whale Foundation29-May-20 
Sanoe Kaaihue, Women Helping Women22-May-20 
Mitty Chang, Assistant Rotary Coordinator15-May-20Membership
Students of the Month8-May-20Lannie, Kristine, Logan and Elena 
Haiku Community Association1-May-20Giggle Hill Project and other upcountry projects
Students of the Month24-Apr-20Spencer & Michael
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