Aloha Rotarians!
It’s June, a month of transition for graduates and for our Rotary Clubs and it is also when we celebrate Father’s Day.  Thank you to your Fathers for giving life to a Rotarian. Rotarians are People of Action, making the world a better place. 
Speaking about better places, we enjoy a polio free Hawaii, but that is because children are vaccinated here.  As you may know, in a normal year about 400 million children are vaccinated each year in 60 countries to prevent polio infections.  We are so close to completely eradicating polio.  There have been no new cases for 152 days in Afghanistan and 126 days in Pakistan, the last 2 countries that have polio. The Gates Foundation 2 for 1 match has been renewed and we are currently short of our $50 million goal by June 30, 2021.  Please consider making a donation today.  Remember, polio is only a plane ride away from us as long as it exists in the world.  Donate at:  Donate | My Rotary
The Virtual Rotary International Convention is right around the corner on the 12th-16th and the House of Friendship is the best place to check out the Rotary Fellowships and Action Groups that your can join to meet people who have the same interests as you. If you haven’t registered, go to to register and see what activities and breakout sessions are being offered. If you are planning to attend next year’s convention in Houston, Texas, June 4-8, 2022, the lowest registration fee is during this year’s convention.
On June 19th, there is a dedication of the Rotary D5000 Legacy Forest at Gunstock Ranch on Oahu where we planted 7,000 trees.  If you want to join us for a picnic, horseback riding, a tour into the mountains and planting more trees, click here to sign up
If you missed the chance to visit the House of Friendship during the District Conference, you can still sign up free by clicking here to register.  We can add people to the conference app until June 16th.  You may be interested in the many groups and discussion topics in the Community section. Check out the sponsor pages too while  you’re there.  Thank you to the sponsors that helped to defray some of the cost to put the conference on.  Sponsors were Day-Lum Rentals, G70, Sonya Mendez, Peg Jackson & Associations, PDG Nalani Flinn, Big Island Toyota, Big Island Delights, Kauai Kookie, Island Traditions.
I’ll send a final District report later this month. Thank you for all you do!
District Governor Naomi Masuno
Ph:  808-492-0126
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Support Rotarian Businesses! Go to the Rotary Marketplace on Tuesday, 7pm on Zoom!
Donate to End Polio Now
Donate today to help eradicate Polio from the Planet!  Consider joining the Polio Plus Society and make the pledge to donate each year until we are rid of Polio.
Upcoming Zooms: (Check for District Zoom links)
June 8, Tues, 5:30pm: Youth Service Chairs and Advisors Meeting meeting
Meeting ID: 993 9936 4971, Passcode: 052199
June 8, Tues, 7pm: Rotary Marketplace
Meeting ID: 818 3726 8353,  Passcode: 745916
June 15, Tue, 6pm: Environment Focus Group
June 16, Wed, 6pm: Young Professionals Networking
June 17, Thur Noon:  RC of Wahiawa speaker Dr. Robyn Rodriguez on POWs and MIAs. Chief of Research for World War II China-Burma-India theater and Korean War losses at the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency
Meeting ID: 919 5466 9065, Passcode: 664306
June 18, Fri, 10am: HRYF Annual Meeting
July 1, Thurs, 4 or 4:30pm: Change of Leadership Ceremony
Rotary Fellowships are international groups that share a common passion. Being part of a fellowship is a fun way to make friends around the world, explore a hobby or profession, and enhance your Rotary experience. For information about the following fellowships, contact:
Wine Appreciation – Liz Kane,,
International Yachting - Jenny Do,
Rotary Means Business, District Chapter-Naomi Masuno,
International Travel & Hosting-
Fellowship of Gin-Ted Faigle,
Surfers Unite-Sean Slentz,
Interested in any of these fellowships, 
4x4 vehicles, Amateur Radio, Antique Automobiles, Bathhouse, Beer, Bird Watching, Bowling, Canoeing, Caravanning, Chess, Computer Users,  Convention Goers, Corporate Social Responsibility, Cricket, Cruising, Cultural, Heritage, Curling, Cycling, Doctors, Doll Lovers,   Draughts (Checkers), E-Clubs, Editors and Publishers, Educators, Environment, Esperanto, Ethics, European Philosophy, Executive Managers, Fishing, Flying, Genealogists, Go, Golf, Gourmet Cooking, Hiking, Home Exchange, Honorary Consuls, Horseback Riding, Internet, Italian Culture, Jazz, Latin Culture, Lawyers, LGBT, Magicians, Magna Graecia, Marathon Running, Metalhead, Military Veterans, Motorcycling, Music, Old and Rare Books, Past District Governors, Peace Fellows, Photographers, Police and Law Enforcement, Public Health, Quilters and Fiber Artists, Railroads, Recreational Vehicles, Rotary Global History, Rotary Heritage and History, Rotary Means Business, Rotary on Pins, Rotary on Stamps, Rowing, Rum, Russian Culture, Scouting, Scuba, Shooting Sport, Singles, Skiing, Social Networks, Strategic Planning, Surfing, Table Tennis, Tennis, Total Quality Management, Travel and Hosting, Triathlon, Water Polo, Wellness and Fitness, Whisk(e)y, Wine Appreciation, Yachting, Yoga, Young Rotarians.   New: Rotary Fellowship of Gin. 
On Sunday’s We Talk-Rotary By PE Kecia King
It was a routine Sunday evening as I talked to my father on the phone a couple of months ago. We shared the details of our week, mused over our latest literature findings, and discussed current events.
On this particular evening dad was a little tired. The 68 year old twice retired former Marine works part time to stay active and “to keep his mind alert”. I mentioned  that I planned to attend my Rotary Club of East Honolulu meeting in person and he exclaimed;
“You are an “actual Rotarian?” 
“Yes, dad I am. I thought you knew.” 
He explained that he read a copy of the Rotarian Magazine when he was at his pediatricians office when he was 12. For the past 56 years, dad has admired our service and “good works” when he occasionally reads the magazines.
My father said he admired the work of “ordinary people”  who chose to “serve others around the world”. “They always seemed to be doing something good,” he said. “And now, '' he said with a smile in his voice, “you are an actual Rotarian, wow!” A few happy tears slid down my cheeks as I shared more details about our club. 
In the weeks following that phone call, I searched Google to find the Rotarian Magazines my father may have read in 1965. The motto “Service Above Self” was the essence of every article. As for my dad, the former Marine, who attended the University of Pennsylvania, never actually became a Rotarian. But now on Sunday’s we talk- Rotary! And he receives a Rotary update from me, an actual Rotarian and President-elect (nominee) of my Club. 
I am so grateful for the privilege to serve my dad in this manner and for the influence and opportunities Rotary provides. 
If you would like to read every single Rotarian Magazine ever published since January 1911 click here
In Rotary Service, 
Kecia King
RC East Honolulu 
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Russell Hampton
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