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Welcome to the District 5000 Global Grants website. On this page, you will find a number of valuable resources for planning and applying for Global Grants. Just click on the menu items on the left for webinars, Power Point Presentations, and other information in the Global Grant application process. More information and training materials can be found on the District Grants Info Page.
We hope that every Club in our District will participate in at least one Global Grant. The deadline for committing Club Cash and District Designated Funds (DDF) Allocations to Global Grants is November 1. Clubs should notify the Rotary Foundation Grants Subcommittee Chair, and the Primary Contact Person, by email before the November 1 deadline. November 1 is also the deadline for commitments of DDF allocations and Club matching to Global Grants led by Clubs or Districts outside District 5000. DDF allocations that are not committed to a Global Grant with matching Club Cash will be available to the Clubs sponsoring grants or other Clubs willing to contribute matching cash.
You have several options for using your DDF allocation. Here’s how the matching works.
The first rule is that you must match DDF commitments 1:1 with Club Cash.
Scenario 1. Club Allocation is $1,000—Club matches DDF. Leverage = 3.5
Scenario 2: Club Allocation is $1,000—Club contributes DDF + Matching Cash $1,000 + $4,000 Additional Cash
Scenario 3: Club Allocation is $1,000—Club contributes only $500 DDF + Matching Cash $500 But Additional $500 Cash (Club commits remaining $500 and Cash to another Global Grant)
Scenario 4: Club Allocation is $1,000—Club contributes no DDF, but Cash $5,000
Below are listed the Global Grant applications the Committee is considering for 2019-20. All are asking for help with Club Cash and DDF. Remember, you can contribute more Cash than the matching cash necessary to match your DDF allocation.

GG1988382 Pediatric Orthopedics Vocational Training Team to Establish a Uganda Center of Training Excellence

Rotary Clubs of Kihei-Wailea and Kajjansi (District 9211) with Nara East and District 2650
Fully Funded $83,648.00
Area of Focus: Disease Prevention and Treatment

VTT: Team of 11 Doctors will spend one month each in Uganda teaching pediatric orthopedics specialist trainees in preparation for certification in advanced surgical techniques. Second VTT project in Africa—the first was GG1864829 Pediatric Orthopedics Vocational Training Team for Tanzania Center of Training Excellence. The current grant was our first project in partnership with District 2650 (centered on Kyoto), which provided $32,000 (with $32,000 in TRF matching). Contact Mark Harbison 808-283-3785


GG2093771 Dialysis Equipment in Rural Thailand: Disease awareness, prevention, and access to improved health services

Another Dialysis Equipment and community outreach grant in rural Thailand from Kasemchai Nitiwanakun of the RC of Silom in District 3350 and David Mozdren and Eberhard Mann of the RC of Honolulu Sunrise. The budget is set at  $109,839. They are great global grants and our district and usually receive wide support from Sister Clubs in Thailand, Korea, and Japan, as well as District 5000. Contact Dave Mozdren 808-294-3283

GG2095564 Rotary Eye Care Center at Karol Bagh Expansion--Glaucoma Surgery Equipment and Training

Rotary Clubs of Kihei-Wailea and Delhi South Metropolitan (District 3011) partnering with the International Agency for Prevention of Blindness and the Rotarian Action Group for Blindness Prevention Area of Focus: Disease Prevention and Treatment
Another global grant for the Karol Bagh Eye Care Center. The first collaboration between the IAPB and the International Eye Foundation and Rotary was Global Grant 1524827, and $200,000 grant from TRF matched by $200,000 from the IEF. This project paid for the equipment and renovations of the eye care center building, and was the pilot project in establishing the Strategic Partnership between Rotary and the IAPB. The first follow-up grant was GG1867855 Project Vision—Eye Surgeries and Checkup Camps, which funded large eye care camps sponsored by the Karol Bagh Eye Care Center, with a full range of basic medical and specialized eye examinations, with referrals to the Center for cataract and other surgeries. Many of you are familiar with these grants and participated with contributions of cash and DDF. The current grant will expand the capacity of the Center by funding equipment for glaucoma surgeries and training for surgeons at the Center. The equipment will be partly funded by IAPB member Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital, which will also provide training and public outreach. These grants are also supported by Korean, Taiwanese, and Korean Districts. Two surgical machines will cost $92,000. Contact Mark Harbison 808-283-3785

GG1988399 Chunder Drinking Water Project, Nepal

Rotary Clubs of Honolulu Sunset and Damauli Nepal (District 3292) Area of Focus: WASH
A great WASH project spearheaded by Arjun Aryal and Dr James Ham of the RC of Honolulu Sunset and Girija Subedi of the RC of Damauli. This project aims to develop and supply drinking water at Chuder village in Nepal. The project will directly serve about 500 people (120 household) and a school will directly benefit from the project. Situated only about 40 miles from the 2015 M7.9 earthquake, this indigenous ethnic community was hit very badly and also impacted its water resources. People in Chuder have to hike slippery trails 30 min to 2 hours (one-way) to fetch drinking water. And they have to wait hours for water to get collected in the pond. Due to lack of drinking water, people in the hillside are forced to migrate down to the foothill. On Feb 16, 2019, three engineer/experts from Lucent Drop Nepal who have done several Rotary projects, three Astaja volunteers (a charity which arranged the trip), 10 Rotarians from RC of Damauli and RC of New Road Kathmandu, Vyas Municipality mayor and two WASH team volunteers from Water Hands Hope, Honolulu visited the site and also prepared assessment report. The budget is set at $72,755. Many of you contributed to James’s previous WASH project in Nepal GG1862877 Improving Access to Safe Water and WASH Education in Lahan and Siraha District, another project in areas impacted by the earthquake. Contact James Ham 1-360-480-7194



GG GG2096075 Baliguan Island Desalination Unit and Community Toilet

Rotary Clubs of Kapolei and Iloilo the Philippines (District 3850) Area of Focus: WASH
Marienne Vergara of the RC of Kapolei is    back from the Philippines and has completed the Community Assessment and the budget for this grant. Marienne and Virgil (Vergara) have been working on this project for two years, consulting with school officials, local community leaders, and water and sanitation engineers and contractors to develop a comprehensive plan to provide a direct water system to the school and the island community as well as separate community sanitation facilities for girls and boys. The budget is $59,000 Kapolei has Global Grant DDF of $8,766, so they are able to fund $30,681. They are asking for additional Cash and DDF. Contact Marienne Vergara  1-808-542-6077
GG2095469 Mangingisda Elementary School Water Refilling Station
Rotary Clubs of Lahaina and Paco in the Philippines (District 3850) Area of Focus: WASH
The Mangingisda Elementary School Water Refilling Station is intended to provide clean drinking water to the community of Barangay Mangingisda, Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Through this project we want to encourage the parents of school children to continue sending their kids to school by allowing them to get free drinking water in exchange for continued attendance to the elementary school. The Rotary Club of Lahaina has been very active in the Philippines with annual hands-on projects and new Sister Clubs. This is their first Global Grant, and will also offer opportunities for service trips to the project and associated ongoing projects with Lahaina. Budget $48,077. Contact Darryl Ng 323-388-9367
Please notify me and the grant leader by email (and phone if you like) when you have reached a decision about which grants you would like to support.
My contact info is as follows:
Mark A. Harbison
You can view the complete applications at Sign in and click on the Take Action Tab and then Grant Center. At the top right corner of the screen, there is a Tab called Grant Search. Click on that, and it will take you to a screen that asks for the Grant Number. Enter that a click on Filter.
As always, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions about Global Grants.