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Welcome to the District 5000 Global Grants website. On this page, you will find a number of valuable resources for planning and applying for Global Grants. Just click on the menu items on the left for webinars, Power Point Presentations, and other information in the Global Grant application process. More information and training materials can be found on the District Grants Info Page.
Upcoming 2023 webinars:
23-Sep Sat 9-10 am International Serv, Global Grants
23-Sep Sat 10-11:30am Foundation Planning, PolioPlus
7-Oct Sat 10-11am Global Grants Project Fair
24-Oct Tues TBD World Polio Day
18-Nov Sat 10-11 am Foundation 201-a Deeper Dive
To view the 8/28/21 International Service Webinar:  click the image below:
We hope that every Club in our District will participate in at least one Global Grant. The deadline for committing Club Cash and District Designated Funds (DDF) Allocations to Global Grants is November 1. Clubs should notify the Rotary Foundation Grants Subcommittee Chair, and the Primary Contact Person, by email before the November 1 deadline. November 1 is also the deadline for commitments of DDF allocations and Club matching to Global Grants led by Clubs or Districts outside District 5000. DDF allocations that are not committed to a Global Grant with matching Club Cash will be available to the Clubs sponsoring grants or other Clubs willing to contribute matching cash.
You have several options for using your DDF allocation. Here’s how the matching works. Note that The Rotary Foundation (TRF) will not match Cash contributions 0.5:1 as in the past. Recent decisions have a major impact on grant funding. Review these changes in the Power Point District 5000 International Service--Global Grants. The elimination of the .5 : 1 World Fund match for Club Cash and the reduction of World Fund matching to 80% of District DDF commitments will result in more funding for Global Grants, but will directly impact the DDF for individual Grants. In District 5000, the mandatory Club Cash matching for DDF will help to maintain Grants Funding leverage, but there is no question that the New Funding Model presents new challenges and will result in fewer new Global Grants--unless we reach out to partners through Project Fairs, existing Sister Club relationships and new ones, FaceBook Rotarian Action Group messaging, District leaders' connections with contacts in other Districts. Reach out--Covid-19 has certainly imposed limits on our physical mobility, but Zoom has exponentially expanded our to move around in the world. The Nepal Task Force (within the International Service Committee)  was able to meet weekly Zoom meetings with the District Governor of District 3292 (Nepal and  Bhutan), Rajib Pokhrel, partner Rotary Clubs, and community leaders on the ground. We were also able to invite  partners in Hawaii (from all around the District), Australia, Taiwan, Japan, and California. We continue to meet to plan our trip in October, funding for the Grants, and implementation.
The first rule is that you must match DDF commitments 1:1 with Club Cash.
Below are listed the Global Grant applications the Committee considered for 2020-21. All are asking for help with Club Cash and DDF. Remember, you can contribute more Cash than the matching cash necessary to match your DDF allocation. The same information can be found in the Sidebar under New 2020-21 District 5000 Global Grants.
District International Service Projects in Nepal sponsored by DG Naomi Masuno and Nepal District 3292 Governor Rajib Pokhrel
Three Global Grants you can support:
  • Improving Science Labs for Vocation Training at two schools in Damauli (site of our Chunder WASH project GG1988399, with “hands on” participation by District 5000 Rotarians—“On Tour”
  • Global Grant 2117300 Medical Equipment and Telemedicine at Dhading Region Hospital—”on tour”
  • Global Grant 1752052 Medical Equipment and Telemedicine at Kumari District Hospital—”on tour for the adventurer” (the International Partner is another District)
  • +Possible tour of projects in Bhutan
GG2118290 Improving Basic Educatio in Nepal—Science lab equipment, teacher training, adult science literacy, and classroom improvement
  • Budget: $40-45,000 (this grant is scalable)
  • Area of Focus: Basic Literacy
Centerpiece of a District International Service Project in Nepal sponsored by DG Naomi Masuno and Nepal District 3292 Governor Rajib Pokhrel
This project will replicate the T.E.A.C.H program in Panauti District schools (GG1744433). The school is located in a remote district of Nepal. The focus is on lower caste children and seeks to empower them through basic education. The main focus is on training for teachers and providing e-classroom materials and basic projection technology for instruction. Rotarians will also be involved in classroom furniture and teaching materials upgrades.
Contact: Arjun Aryal or Mark
GG2117300 Dhading Hospital medical equipment and training.
  • District 5000 and Rotary Clubs of Honolulu Sunset and Narayangarh
  • Budget: $60-70,000
45+ Health posts and health centers in remote villages feed into the District Hospital at Dhading
The only hospital in the District designated by Government of Nepal to manage Covid-19
Global Grant will provide Emergency Room and ICU equipment—ventilator, ultrasound, telemedicine unit
Telemedicine Unit will connect Dhading to existing national telemedicine network centered on the National Hospital established by Global Grant 1981077
Contact: Arjun Aryal and Paul Moroz
GG1752052  Kumari Hospital medical equipment, training, telemedicine unit.
  • Rotary Clubs of Kathmandu Metro and Rotary Club in India
  • Budget: $180,000
Remote District Hospital in Kumari District
New hospital building but no equipment
Global Grant will provide all standard hospital equipment and Emergency Room and ICU equipment aimed at Covid-19 treatment and quarantine—ventilator, ultrasound, telemedicine unit.
Telemedicine Unit will connect Dhading to existing national telemedicine network centered on the National Hospital established by Global Grant 1981077. This grant is no longer sponsored by a District 5000 Club, but Jim Becker (Hilo Kimo) and I are part of the planning team, and Jim is involved in adding the telemedicine unit.
Contact: Jim (Kimo) Becker, or Mark Harbison
GG2117555 Medical Equipment, Community Education and Empowerment in Chiang Rai, Thailand
  • Rotary Clubs of Silom (District 3350) and Honolulu Sunrise
  • Budget: TBD (project will be scalable)
The grant will provide equipment to strengthen the public health infrastructure, including dialysis equipment and,
Funding for organizing health promotion programs to engage and empower individuals and rural communities to choose healthy behaviors to keep them healthy, and to encourage lifestyle changes that reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases and other morbidities.
Contact: Dave Mozdren
GG2098529 Bhutan Wilderness Medicine VTT
  • Rotary Clubs of Thimphu (District 3292) and Honolulu Sunset
  • Budget: $33,250 (project will be scalable)
The University of Utah and Khesar Gyalpo University of Medical Sciences of Bhutan (KGUMS) will host trainees from Bhutan who will train Bhutanese trekking guides
The goal will be to enhance the Bhutanese trekking guides’ knowledge of medical issues in the mountains and at high altitude.  We will:
•           Target prevention strategies that the guides can employ to keep themselves and their trekkers safe
•           Teach strategies to recognize medical problems before they manifest into more serious disorders
•           Provide both didactic and case-based education to actively manage medical problems using current best-practice instruction
Contact: James Ham at
GG2118178 Tohoku Japan 9/11-3/11 Tsunami and Nuclear Plant Disasters Post-Trauma Mental Health Response VTT
  • Rotary Clubs of Nara-East (District 2650) and Kihei-Wailea
  • Budget: $91,180 (this grant is fully funded)
Three VTT programs over the year will educate local health and mental health professionals and students on approaches for promoting psychological resilience. The Team will collaborate with them on disseminating these findings into the communities of Fukushima. The Team will also extend these efforts to local high school students.
•           Collaboration with Fukushima Medical University and Nagomi Mental Health Clinic in training trainers to work with community groups in post-trauma treatment and counseling
•           Collection of “resiliency stories” (oral histories) from tsunami and Fukushima victims
•           Collection of data for evaluation and monitoring of responses to treatment protocols
Contact: Mark Harbison at
GG (number TBD) Building Livelihood Project in Kusumpur Pahani Slum in New Delhi
  • Rotary Clubs of Delhi South Metro (District 3011) and Kihei-Wailea
  • Budget: $200,000
  • Area of Focus: Economic and Community Development
Kusumpur Pahani is the most notorious slum in New Delhi. This project will focus 1. on creating digital community hubs identified as “Single-Window Platforms” where slum dwellers can identify and demand available government and NGO programs and 2. On creating centers of excellent where disparate nonprofit efforts are consolidated into centers where slum dwellers can access services, including vocational training, job counseling, medical advice and delivery, etc.
Contact Mark Harbison at 808-283-3785
GG (number TBD) Center for Empowerment of Women and Girls—Alliance Against Abuse and Trafficking in Nigeria
  • Rotary Clubs of Wuse Central  (District 9125) Nigeria) and Newberry Noon (5100)
  • Budget: $120,000
  • Area of Focus: Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution
The grant focuses on training of a cadre of Nigerian women who will also train a larger group of women in training women and girls in dealing with harassment, abuse, and attempted recruitment by traffickers. On the ground, the project is led by US consultants and Nigerian NGO specialists in this type of training. It replicates a successful grant application for Nepal and is led by Erin Thomas, former Executive Director of the Rotarian Action Group and Rotarian Peace Fellow. This grant is not a District 5000 initiated grant but is part of the Rotarian Action Group for Peace Project Incubator and may be of interest to RAG members or member of the Rotary Action Group Against Slavery in our District since many of our members are interested in combating Trafficking.
Contact Mark Harbison at 808-283-3785
Please notify me and the grant leader by email (and phone if you like) when you have reached a decision about which grants you would like to support. Your Club President will also be asked to submit a Point of Contact and DDF and Matching Cash Form.
My contact info is as follows:
Mark A. Harbison
You can view the complete applications at Sign in and click on the Take Action Tab and then Grant Center. At the top right corner of the screen, there is a Tab called Grant Search. Click on that, and it will take you to a screen that asks for the Grant Number. Enter that a click on Filter.
As always, do not hesitate to contact me with any questions about Global Grants.