Happy Holidays!

I can hardly believe it is December… a month for giving, celebrating and, of course, shopping. It is also a time to believe in Hope… to consider Peace on Earth. Peace is not just the absence of war or armed conflict. Positive peace implies the implementation of programs that ensure a sustained lifestyle of peaceful living. One of the key areas of positive peace would be the prevention and treatment of illness.

My Rotary story really begins with the Vocational Training Team our clubs send to Romania to teach doctors how to treat cranial birth defects in children. My participation inspired me to seek greater leadership and responsibility in Rotary. I will, forever, be in the debt of Dr. Murariu and Rich Zegar as the experience altered my thinking on not only what Rotarians do but what is possible through Rotary and our Rotary Foundation.

Rotarians throughout our District are planning and executing programs and grants that have a profound effect on people that may never say thank you or may never know our names… but they will always remember the name Rotary! Some of our other projects, in progress or planned, include water and sanitation in Africa, an eye clinic in India, education in South America, water and sanitation in the Phillipines and South East Asia and an upgraded blood bank in Bali. I am proud to be a Rotarian because of what you do… the difference we make.

So, what is next? What is your call to action? Here are some possibilities:

  • Learn more about your Rotary passion
  • Join a Rotarian Action Group
  • Form a focus group around your passion and plan a new project
  • Work with a Rotaract Club on Disease Prevention and Treatment
  • Give to the Rotary Foundation
  • Invite non-Rotarians to join you on your life changing mission!
  • Participate in a polio National Imunization Day

Have a happy and blessed season… thank you for all you do!

Peace be with you… Be The Inspiration!

-Winton Schoneman
December 2018