Aloha Fellow Rotarians,

Shout out! To Hilo Rotarians with net club growth of seven since July first! To all our Rotarians who have made a donation to The Rotary Foundation bringing our two month total to more than $47K to the Annual Fund. Our goal for the year is $25 per month (annual contribution of $300) per person. Of course, the easy way to do that is via Rotary Direct ( Make sure you select "annual fund" and a recurring monthly contribution of at least $25. Easy as…you get the message

Speaking of The Rotary Foundation, thank you to all who made contributions three years ago; resulting in $265.65 per capita. This year those donations are allowing us to invest, with matching funds, approximately $200,000.00 in our local communities. How cool is that? Your generosity will result in more than a thousand third graders receiving their very own dictionary… a book that, in some cases, may be that child's very first. Hey there's an idea for a great project…"My first book"! I know that a number of clubs are partnering with agencies in support of moms living under challenging circumstances. And at least one club is in partnership with a seniors' center/home. ALL our club projects…$200,000.00 worth are a great investment! Thank you for donating to The Rotary Foundation!

Had an interesting conversation about the meaning of responsibility. That being the combination of two words: response and ability. When presented with a challenge or an issue or an opportunity, how do I respond? Do I respond according to my full ability? I guess we might have a similar conversation around accountability… do I hold my self to account for my ability when presented with challenges, issues or opportunities? In both cases, do I step up or do I step back? Do I/we give 100% or something more comfortable? It could be an inspiring club conversation to have…

September is Basic Education and Literacy Month.
October is Economic and Community Development Month.
October 24, 2018 is World Polio Day.
January 11, 2019 is Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

Words of Inspiration: Don't pray for a lighter load…just a stronger back.

Peace be with you... Be The Inspiration!

-Winton Schoneman
September 2018