Aloha Fellow Rotarians,

There is cause for celebration as we begin the second quarter of this 2018-2019 Rotary Year! Several clubs are well on their way to achieving excellence in Service, Membership and/or Rotary Foundation giving. In Service, Lahaina Sunset has documented in Rotary Club Central the completion of several service projects. Big Island clubs seem to be excelling in Club Growth with both Hilo and Kona Rotary Clubs making substantive progress! And Our Rotary Foundation Annual Fund is benefiting greatly from the generosity of many Hawaii Rotarians; with members of the Rotary Clubs of Honolulu Sunset, Waikiki and Honolulu leading the way! Thank you!

I don't think it is any great revelation that businesses rely on excellence in products and service to attract and retain customers. Customers seek and demand value for their time and resources. Excellence is an attractive quality…Now that we have identified our community and youth service projects, our funding and have begun our planning processes. I challenge each of us to integrate excellence into the planning process for service (projects or fundraising)…

Excellence in service must include these three questions or strategies:

  1. How do we integrate our club AND community members into the project? (Remember our conversation during the DG visit about switching our mindset to "we do service WITH our community"?)
  2. How do we utilize our brand and public image team for short term and long term community awareness? Short term being immediate impact during and shortly after the project by using banners and shirts etc. Long term being telling our story on social media and in the news etc.
  3. How do we utilize The Rotary Foundation's power of savings and leverage to maximize the impact we have during any given project? How do we communicate that to our fellow Rotarians?

Excellence does not happen by accident. It requires a focus on being the best I can be. It takes investment of resources and planning. It takes action! It takes you!

Words to live by: Rotary changes the lives of those we serve…and like the ripple from a pebble tossed into a pond; we too are changed. "I believe we can change the world…one life at a time." -Paul Harris

Peace be with you... Be The Inspiration!

-Winton Schoneman
October 2018