The Rotary Club of Waikiki Sponsored a Peace Poster Contest in 2011

The Rotary Club of Waikiki used to sponsor an Early Act Club at Hongwanji Mission School for 7th grade students. The question posed to the Early Act members was, "What does peace mean to you in your school, in your community, and in the world?"  The Early Act members divided into teams of 3 to 4 students and created posters and essays to go with their posters.

A Rotarian in the Rotary Club of Waikiki served as a judge for this project. The winning team was invited to attend the Rotary Club's meeting where they read their essay and shared their poster.

Our congratulations to all the Early Act members on their wonderful posters and essays!

The sizes of the 2 jpg files of the posters were too large to include with this story. To view the winning posters click on the link in the Files section of this website for Peace Poster Contest Winners 2011 RC Waikiki Project 

It has been saved into a PDF file so it can be shared on this website in the Files section of this page.