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Polio Plus for 2018 - 2019

 Post your project by World Polio Day - October 24
Time to turn all members creativity Loose and make a difference.

         In the past there have been a number of projects promoted by our District – two years of special color changing mugs which generated large dollars for the eradication of polio. Then the next year for donations of 100.00 – 1000.00 individuals earned Gold, Silver and Bronze medallions for their contributors. This past year saw many of our members riding bicycles, stationary bikes and motor cycles to raise money for polio. Their creativity and commitment was amazing and generated great stories and donations for the cause.
  Some clubs did not participle in these district sponsored projects but came up with their own ideas for projects and donated large amounts to End Polio Now. Every dollar was greatly appreciated and was matched 2/1 by the Gates Foundation.
   This year I would like to see that creativity continue within each club or group of clubs to come up with their own unique project to raise funds for Polio Plus. This is a chance to try something you haven’t done before, take a previous event to a new level or join together with another club or clubs in their project. Turn your ingenuity loose….
   Oct 24 is World Polio Day – the goal this year is to have each club announce their project/dinner/event by World Polio Day. There will be a place on the District website for all these projects to be mentioned and promoted. Give your date/time/location for the event, what you are doing and the cost. Encourage others to come join in and have fun together.
   After the event you will be able to talk story on the website about what you did and the amount raised for polio. Recognition will be given at the District Conference in May, 2019.

Remember – as far as Polio is concerned – Zero is the Magic Number