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2023-2024 Content Topics

Your task, if interested and able, is to write a personal story or an article about a topic, do a podcast about a topic, interview someone and write the conversation about a topic, create a PSA about a topic, or find a quote and match it with imagery about a topic. Pretty much ANYTHING creative that will share what Rotary means to YOU, a local Rotarian that believes in service above self. Some of these topics do require researching, but it will be fun to share it with the 1,500 members here in Hawai’i. Who knows, maybe it will get picked up in the Rotary Magazine or website 😊

We don’t want everyone doing the same topic, so if you are interested in something, please email and we'll update the list. You can select any amount of topics, just let us know.

You don’t have to be the best writer as well, we will edit before posting.

Deadline Topic
7/5/23 Introducing the Theme: "Create Hope in the World"
7/5/23 Empowering Women: Rotary's Role in Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment
7/5/23 Exploring Rotary's History and Impact
7/19/23 Environmental Sustainability: Rotary's Commitment to a Greener Future
7/19/23 Promoting Sustainable Development: Rotary's Impact on Global Goals
7/19/23 Celebrating Rotary's Diversity and Inclusion
8/2/23 Rotary's Monthly Theme: "Membership and New Club Development"
8/2/23 Building Stronger Clubs: Membership Recruitment Strategies
8/2/23 Building Stronger Families: Rotary's Family-oriented Projects
8/16/23 Rotary's Membership: Engaging and Growing Together
8/16/23 Volunteerism and Community Engagement: Rotary's Service Projects
8/16/23 Promoting Environmental Stewardship: Rotary's Environmental Projects
8/30/23 Rotary's Monthly Theme: "Basic Education and Literacy"
8/30/23 Literacy: Empowering Individuals and Communities
9/13/23 Highlighting Local Education Projects and Partnerships
9/13/23 Enhancing Education: Rotary's Impact on Literacy and Youth Development
9/27/23 Supporting Education: Rotary's Scholarships and Grants
9/27/23 Preparing for Wold Polio Day