Esther Kottke, the Hilo Union Elementary Reading Curriculum coordinator, wanted the children in her school to have more access to books.  She turned to the local Salvation Army Store and worked out a donation scheme wherein the elementary school age books that weren't being sold by the end of the month would be donated to Hilo Union Elementary. Esther then got the school to purchase four plastic rolling carts with a 2' x 3' plastic bin on the top of each cart. She filled each cart with the Sallie books and placed the carts in hallways and the cafeteria with the sign "Borrow Me, Read Me, Return Me" on each book bin. The books are readily being used although not always being returned. But as Esther philosophically notes "At least they're being read, and we do have a constant supply from the Sallie store."

The First Book program and Scholastic Literacy Partners are also wonderful sources of inexpensive, high quality books. Please look into them for your book donation needs.