Ala Moana Rotary Initiative Will Give School Supplies to 60 Student

Every child deserves the opportunity to succeed in school, regardless of their family's financial situation. Unfortunately, the cost of school supplies has been steadily rising, making it increasingly difficult for some families to provide their children with the necessary tools for learning. The average family now spends a staggering $700 per child on school supplies. For many families, this means choosing between essentials like food, rent, or school supplies.

That's where the Ala Moana Rotary Club comes in. We're proud to introduce the SmartStart program, an initiative designed to donate 60 backpacks filled with school supplies to Lunalilo School. Our mission is to help students who may not be able to afford new supplies for the start of the school year.

The Impact of School Supplies on Student Success

When students lack the necessary supplies for school, their morale dips, their attention wanes, and they are more likely to cause classroom disruptions. Many of these students will even skip the first few days of school to avoid the embarrassment of not having the right materials.

With the Smart Start program, we're working to change that. By providing backpacks filled with essential school supplies, we can give these students a much-needed boost in confidence and help set them up for success in the classroom.

How You Can Help

Every child should have the chance to start the school year with the tools they need to succeed. That's why we're asking for your help. By donating to the Smart Start program, you can make a real difference in the lives of children in need. Your contribution will go directly toward purchasing backpacks and school supplies for students at Lunalilo School.

Together, we can give kids a Smart Start to the school year and help set them on a path to academic success. Please consider making a donation today and sharing this initiative with your friends, family, and colleagues. With your support, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of these students and our community as a whole.

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