September 2016:  Basic Education & Literacy Month

Wow, it is so hard to believe that September is here already!  The 2016-17 Rotary Year is in full swing – and there are tons of exciting things happening all over the district.  I have been so honored to have visited 35 clubs so far – only 15 left to go!  During those visits, I have learned so many incredible things about the projects we tackle every year and the talented people all over D5000 that make it all happen.  I am also pleased to announce that we are making real progress on our membership goals as well.  Since July 1, we have inducted almost 60 new members across the District!  Keep up the GREAT work!
Included in those projects are some Basic Education and Literacy initiatives that are showcasing Rotary’s goal or bringing reading and writing to all. 
Why is literacy so important? 
Today, many children are classified as ‘digital natives’ – just as comfortable online as they are offline. The internet enables endless educational possibilities, with constantly evolving information streams, however, the vastness of the web can be a hindrance to those children who cannot adequately sift through and interpret the material presented. Strong literacy skills are a critical tool used when children discern and understand information, enabling them to utilize the internet to its full potential and making sure that the inevitable ‘digital footprint’ that children will leave is one that is safe, appropriate, and reflective of their true self.
Ways to support a child’s literacy development
Studies have shown that children’s motivation and achievement improve when adult mentors and parents are involved in their education. There are many everyday things you can do to encourage literacy learning. This includes:
  • Sharing your knowledge and explaining how you use literacy in your daily life
  • Encouraging children to read and view a variety of texts such as newspapers, novels, comics, magazines, websites, email and timetables
  • Encouraging children to write and design for a variety of purposes using different mediums
  • Discussing how texts look different depending on the purpose and audience — for example, text messaging uses different spelling from school projects
  • Talking about things that you have read or viewed that were amusing, interesting or useful
  • Discussing favourite authors, producers, directors or illustrators and what you like about them
  • Presenting new and unusual words or phrases and exploring these through print and electronic dictionaries – Just like the ones we give every year!
  • Playing games that develop knowledge and enjoyment of words
  • Making use of community resources for information, local and school libraries
Over the next couple of weeks, we will be providing you with information regarding Rotary Reads Week which will be a private/public partnership with the State of Hawaii Governor’s Office, and the Department of Education.  We will be working alongside the DOE and Mrs. Dawn Ige to bring first graders in Hawaii a week filled with stories and new books for their classrooms.  The event will be scheduled for the first week of March 2017.  Details will be provided as soon as we have them – I look forward to reading beside you!

D5000 Polio Champion Challenge Update:

I have exciting news about the D5000 Polio Champion Challenge!  As of September 2, we have had 150 District 5000 Rotarians commit to the Champion Challenge; a commitment of over $65,000!  WAY TO GO!
To date, we have 103 Bronze level donors, 20 Silver level Donors, and 26 Gold/Gold+ level donors!  What an outstanding show of support as we raise the final funds necessary to eradicate Polio ONCE AND FOR ALL!  I am so proud of the Rotarians and Clubs that have stepped up to the challenge to “Make this year the LAST year.  Our D5000 giving is already 48% to our total goal of $135,000 to the Polio Plus Fund. 
Now, let me brag about some of our clubs!  We have 30 clubs “on the board” that have already started giving, AND we already have 8 clubs that have exceeded their club goal of $2,650 – Well done Waikiki, Honolulu Downtown, Honolulu Sunrise, South Hilo, Kapolei Sunset, Honolulu, Volcano, and Waianae Coast!  Your generosity and Aloha Spirit never cease to amaze me.

As of September 2nd our club rankings are:

1  $5,000  Waikiki
2  $4,550  HNL Sunrise
3  $4,500  HNL Downtown
4  $4,000  Volcano
5  $3,750  South Hilo
6  $2,950  Kapolei Sunset
7  $2,850  Honolulu
8  $2,750  Waianae Coast
9  $2,000  Ala Moana
10  $2,000  Hilo
11  $2,000  Kona Mauka
12  $1,700  Metro
13  $1,500  Kona Sunrise
14  $1,500  West Pearl Harbor
15  $1,400  HNL Sunset
16  $1,000  E-Club
17  $1,000  Kauai
18  $900  Pearlridge
19  $700  Kapolei
20  $500  East HNL
21  $500  Lahaina Sunset
22  $500  North Hawaii
23  $400  Hanalei Bay
24  $400  Lahaina
25  $400  Pearl Harbor
26  $400  Wahiawa-Waialua
27  $200  Hawaii Kai
28  $200  Pahoa
29  $200  Windward Oahu
30  $100  West HNL
To find out more about the Polio Champion Challenge, go to OR to donate, go to
We are off to a great start in 2016/17.  Let’s make this year a record breaker in every way.  I look forward with you to a year of great accomplishments and of Rotary Serving Humanity.
Yours in service,
Clint Schroeder
District Governor 2016-17
D5000 Hawaii
Club Stories

Aloha Rotarians,

August is Membership & Extension Month!  One of the most exciting things that we do in Rotary is to share our organization, our passion and our commitment with like-minded individuals by inviting them to help us change the world.  Since July 1, we have welcomed almost 20 new members across the District!  Keep up the GREAT work!

Rotarian Thomas Hall attended the D5000 District Assembly on April 23, 2016, at Momilani Elementary school along with several other members of Waikiki Rotary. This was Thomas' first district assembly, and he eagerly participated in all sessions and to hear what all the presenters shared. He was interested to hear from the Hawaii Literacy Foundation and thought to himself, "How can I and the RC of Waikiki Help?" Thomas met with the Executive Director Suzanne Skjold, and this project was born.  Ms. Skjold requested some re-fit projects to their 6-year-old Bookmobile, including Solar Powered Electric Fans and shelving repairs. Thomas heard the calling, and just happens to be a Solar Power Expert! Thomas met with his club's board and asked for funding to do this project, parts at cost and no labor cost. Thomas received overwhelming approval.

The start of something new is always exciting - and so it is with each new Rotary year.  We associate the new year with an opportunity to change and turning over a new leaf.  It also provides an occasion to reflect - to look at the past, present and future.  Our lives are full of significant dates for celebrating - from birthdays to anniversaries, to holidays and milestones.  July 1st, Rotary’s New Year, is a time to look at our clubs and district, to celebrate what we have accomplished up to today and what we envision for our future.
The Rotary Club of Lahaina Sunset’s “Go Green Third Saturday” recycling project ended a successful first year in June, proving that committed community partnerships and dedicated volunteers can make a difference.
A friend asks, "Why are we in Rotary?" First of all, Rotarians have a very strong sense of belonging.  Not only do we thrive on long-term friendships; we eagerly welcome new members and encourage their involvement in our activities.  We’re a happy group and have lots of fun together.   We also are passionate about our mission as Rotarians and are serious about our motto "Service Above Self." 
It seems we are a group of super achievers.  We like to get things done!  We are selective in choosing our undertakings.  We want our time, energy, talent and resources to result in improving lives, especially for those in need, so we do our initial decision-making and planning with care.  Once we decide on a project, we work tirelessly to achieve positive results. We, the Rotary Club of Honolulu Sunset, have been involved in many projects, both large and small; alone and in concert with others.  Here are some of these projects.
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September 2016
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